What the critics said


Radamisto in action: Visually, this Radamisto is in constant motion. By means of six columns the scenery alters frequently, creating each time a new space for the numerous entrances and exits.
Claude Gingras La Presse Montréal, 17-03-2006


Luckily director JFB does not rely on an experimental approach or obscure interpretations. He moved the setting from the Middle-Ages to the late nineteen hundreds. This creates a less grim atmosphere, almost cosy, but overall very striking scenes determine the ending. His characterisation of the dramatis personae is very clear and effective.
Udo-Gustaf Kleff     Theater Pur, 03-01-2005

Doctor Faust in the Age of Enlightenment
A gripping drama of human emotions in a thrilling staging. The audience appreciated this presentation with overwhelming applause. Boucher is capable of creating striking scenes.
Doro Kirchhoff     Westfälische Rundschau,

Tristan und Isolde:

What a great scenic approach by JFB! The rendition of this director is really the best contribution to the spectacle. The talent of this director enables him to show all sides of the legendary story in a transparant, realistic and uncomplicated way and the admirable lighting in a photgraphic style enhances the impact of the dramatis personae.
Dr. Marc Jean-Bernard El nuevo Dia, 20-11-2004

Le Nozze di Figaro:

The most outstanding aspect of this production was without any doubts the staging. By use of metaphors, Boucher seduced as well as convinced us of the universality of this masterpiece.
Victor R. Castro Gómez, El Vocero, 17-11-2003


Enriched with historical details …Boucher's traditional and realistic concept created a clear and sharp perception of the amorous circle around the warm-hearted and humane priestess, a role sung by the impressive Argentinean soprano Fabiana Bravo.
E. B., Ópera Actual no. 61 Madrid, 2003

Le Cinesi:

The light-hearted and expressive music of this chinoiserie, combined with Boucher's subtle yet effective staging produced a hilarious spectacle. The four singers gave their all where over the top and ironic acting was required in combination with a most admirable vocal input.
Susanne Lammers, Leidsch Dagblad, 2002

Passion according to Saint Matthew:

a Bach's passion where movement and lighting emphasised the story told; Boucher clearly had been studying the matters throroughly. The outcome provided us with wonderful dramatic moments and the initiative may be called most successful.
Arne Jurriaans, Delftse Courant, 1998

François Guyon:

Staged in a most ingenious setting Jehan- François Boucher produced an almost cinematografic drama in 24 scenes. The non stop action takes place at the same time at different levels and the attention is literally focused on all the individual scenes as a whole.
Rien Frölich, Rotterdams Nieuwsblad